Wx Models

Welcome to SensibleWeather.com’s weather models page. Currently, the HRRR 3-km and NAM 4-km are available on 8 regional domains, and the GFS 0.25°, RAP 13-km, and NAM 12-km are available on the CONUS domain. There are plans to add additional models, analyses, & domains in the future. In the mean time, please enjoy the highest quality GFS/HRRR/RAP/NAM4/NAM12 data available for FREE on the internet!

To get started: Use the buttons below each icon and select from the available models. From there, you will be directed to the page of your selection. For a visual representation of regional sectors (currently available for the HRRR & NAM 4-km), please scroll below the model icons/selection (or hover here).

This is a new service and, as such, there will likely be a few “wrinkles” to iron out. Please be patient as we strive to make this service better each day. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us on our Twitter or Facebook pages (links/buttons in the right column). For a quick “how-to” overview, please click here.


**SensibleWeather.com supplies numerical weather model graphics generated using data from the following sources: NOAA Operational Model Archive Distribution System (GFS, HRRR, NAM, RAP). Graphics are generated and updated as soon as each model run is complete. All weather model graphics are free to share publicly on social media, or used to supplement your own forecast discussions on personal blogs/websites (hotlinking is not allowed & will not be tolerated). Proper credit must be given, of course.**