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Get Reimbursed For Bad Weather.

Sensible Weather has you covered when unexpected weather puts a damper on your day. Our Weather Guarantee allows you to travel where you want, when you want—without having to worry about the forecast.

How Our Weather Guarantee Works

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Book a trip through one of your favorite travel platforms and add a Weather Guarantee. You'll see us at checkout.

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When you're out enjoying your day, we're working in the background, constantly watching the forecast.

And if bad weather is on the horizon—you'll get a text right away.

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As soon as we know the weather is changing, you'll be notified, and reimbursed. All you'll have to do is transfer the funds to the account of your choosing.

We keep it simple—no claims, no hassle.

Why We're Here

At Sensible, we're a group of climate scientists & technologists who saw the opportunity to make the unpredictability of Mother Nature a bit more predictable.

So we came together and created our Weather Guarantee. It's all backed by science and boat loads of data to allow you to have a stress-free time.

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Where You Can Find Us

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Check Back, We're Constantly Innovating

Currently, you can only add a Weather Guarantee to a trip booked through one of our partners' websites. Check back soon, new partners join frequently.

What People Are Saying About Sensible Weather

Mountain Bikers

Sensible got the weather correct and was so helpful returning my funds because of the rain. We still enjoyed our stay very much!

5 out of 5 stars
By Amanda L.

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