Software Engineer, Backend

Remote, Full Time

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Who we are

Sensible is a climate and finance technology company. We’re using data and finance to confront the single largest problem facing the global economy and society: climate change.

Sensible was founded in 2019, and our first product is focused on consumer travelers and event-goers, allowing them to better understand, plan for, and mitigate weather that could negatively impact their experience. Our team combines atmospheric science, cloud architecture, product engineering, and user experience design to create useful and delightful products.

Sensible is a team built on trust, feedback, and communication. We recognize that diversity of background, skills, and experiences makes stronger teams, and we are therefore an equal opportunity employer.

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What you’ll be working on

  • Writing, maintaining, and documenting high quality code in Go and Python
  • Help us build out customer centric features and intuitive REST APIs
  • Contribute to our insurance platform; a highly flexible and scalable system written in Go
  • Learn the ins and outs of climate and weather data sets
  • Own your code: write it, deploy it,  and support it once it goes live
  • Participate in and help us create an engineering culture of collaboration: ie. constructive code reviews, proactive knowledge sharing, growth mindset for yourself and others, and a general desire to help your team and help make the company successful.
  • Product collaboration and continually keeping the customer and their needs front of mind

Required qualifications

  • 2 or more years of software engineering experience
  • A bachelor's degree in a STEM related field, or equivalent industry experience
  • Commitment to the spirit of continuous improvement and a strong desire to learn
  • Experience working on high quality web applications (consumer or enterprise)
  • Experience with modeling real world concepts as structures in code
  • Competency in an imperative language like Python, Node, Go, Java, and/or Rust
  • Hands on experience with a SQL database like Postgres or MySQL/MariaDB
  • Willing to wear a lot of hats and to help out in areas that might not be within your realm of expertise.
  • A focus on delivering customers value

Comfortable with or a strong willingness to learn

  • Git / Github
  • Databases: Sql, No-sql
  • Observability tools: metrics, logging, tracing
  • Working within a cloud based environment, such as AWS
  • Kubernetes, Docker

Desired qualifications

  • Experience with distributed systems
  • Ability to work with different types of APIs (REST / FTP)
  • Familiarity with event based architecture: pub/sub, lambda, etc


To apply for this role email your resume to We will review and respond to all applications.