Have a Great Time, Rain or Shine.

From the moment you start planning your next adventure, Sensible has your back. Our Weather Guarantee gives you the confidence to book your next trip and have a great time, no matter the weather.

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A Better Way to Protect Against the Weather

  • No claims process

    No claims process

  • Fast, proactive payouts

    Fast, proactive payouts

  • No cancellations required

    No cancellations required

  • Affordable and understandable

    Affordable and understandable

Wake Up and Kick Off Your Day with Money Back

With the Weather Guarantee, if the forecast is unfavorable, you can choose to play inside or brave the elements and still have extra cash in your pocket. Money back is even sweeter when there are no claims, no hassle.

Never Wait in Line for a Rain Check Again

When the day wasn't exactly what you planned, you'll already have a reimbursement on the way. Make the most of your visit to the park, knowing you didn't have to pay for a bad weather day.

Tee Off with a Reimbursement in Hand

When you book your tee-time and add a Weather Guarantee, we'll automatically reimburse you when Mother Nature misbehaves. Play the round anyway, or wait out the rain with friends at the clubhouse, over a meal that will feel like you got it for free.

Where You Can Find Us

If you sell an experience that brings customers out of their homes, chances are we offer a Weather Guarantee tailored for your business. We partner with:


Fun in the Sun, Refunds When it Rains

Here's how Weather Guarantees work: When the forecast isn’t what you expected, we’ll automatically reimburse you via our no-claims process. 

With your refund started, you can make the best of your planned day with extra money on the way and a smile on your face.

“Who wouldn’t want to still enjoy a trip, and be reimbursed up to 50% or 100% if the weather meets the eligible conditions.”

— Tiffany

What People are Saying About Weather Guarantees

Mountain Bikers

Allowed me to set reservations weeks in advance with protection in case it rained.

5 out of 5 stars
By Erika

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