Sensible Weather is a climate technology company.

Sensible Weather is a climate risk technology company that aims to change the way people interact with the weather by making the unpredictable more predictable—and creating irreplaceable products, and product experiences, that facilitate peace-of-mind.

Why We Are Here

At Sensible, we’re a group of climate scientists, technologists and designers who saw the opportunity to make the unpredictability of Mother Nature a bit more predictable. We came together and created our Weather Guarantee, enabling protection against the weather.

The Nitty Gritty of it All

Pool day

Deeper Understanding of Climate Impact

Weather is synonymous with “canceled plans.” How many times have you had a concert, beach day, even vacation canceled from unexpected bad weather?

And up until this point, there’s been nothing we can do about it. But we said “no more.”

Wind bar graph for Santa Rosa, CA

Backed By Science

Our Weather Guarantee has data upon data behind it. We marry existing information from satellites and developing technologies to our mission to provide users with a new kind of freedom while traveling.

Cannonball into a lake

Providing Experience Protection

At the end of the day, your consumers’ experiences are what matter most. We want to ensure the best time possible, regardless of the Weather—by mitigating all types of climate and weather risk.

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