Sensible Weather Offers Weather Guarantees in France for the First Time

Val Cenis is the first ski resort in France to partner with Sensible Weather, bringing Weather Guarantees to skiers in Europe

June 21, 2023

Val Cenis is the first ski resort in France to partner with Sensible Weather, bringing Weather Guarantees to skiers in Europe

Sensible Weather has expanded its close partnership with ticketing platform Catalate by teaming up with esteemed French ski resort Val Cenis to offer Weather Guarantees in France. Sensible’s Weather Guarantee, implemented via API to Catalate’s booking platform, offers dynamically displayed Weather Guarantees that give skiers the option to protect their ski experience from the uncertainties of precipitation that could impact their day.

Over the past year, the Sensible team developed a localization strategy that sees every part of the consumer journey as an opportunity to personalize the experience. Partnering with Val Cenis allows Sensible to put that strategy into action. From translated content, to payout infrastructure, to currencies and legal compliance, careful work has gone into building an intentional and and familiar experience to Sensible customers around the world. For Val Cenis specifically, the Weather Guarantee is available in French language, and customers are able to purchase Weather Guarantees in their local currency.

"We are thrilled to be Europe's first ski resort to introduce the Weather Guarantee," said Yves Dimier, Director at Val Cenis, one of the largest ski resorts in the French Alps. "Our partnership with Catalate and Sensible Weather allows us to enhance our guests' experience, enabling them to focus on the joy of skiing while knowing it is protected against unpredictable weather conditions.”

In collaboration with the Val Cenis team, Sensible Weather gained an understanding of what "bad weather" means for skiers at the resort to optimize customer satisfaction. Although weather is a universal concept that impacts our experiences, Weather Guarantees resonate with audiences by tailoring protection for what is important for their specific experience. At Val Cenis, Weather Guarantees provide peace of mind against forecasted precipitation on the mountain, allowing skiers to enjoy their trip without worrying about rain or snow.

“Sensible’s Climate Risk Platform is built to store, access, and analyze climate data for any location in the world,” says Nick Cavanaugh, Sensible founder and CEO. “While Val Cenis is our first partner in France, our tech is capable and ready to assess risk about any weather event anywhere.”

When the daily forecast shows precipitation for more than 3 hours, guests automatically receive reimbursement without needing to cancel their trip. Even better, there is no claims process for skiers at all—skiers receive an automated text message the morning of their trip and can quickly claim their reimbursement when the forecast is bad.

Sensible’s partnership with Val Cenis take us one step closer to bringing Weather Guarantees to consumers everywhere. The foundation the team has set by localizing early means we’re ready to provide ancillary revenue for partners and reliable weather protection for customers across the globe.

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