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Sensible Weather Announces Strategic Investment from Amex Ventures

Today, Sensible Weather announces a strategic investment from Amex Ventures.

September 25, 2023

The world is changing – the last 8 years have been the hottest 8 years on record, and earlier this summer, Earth posted the single hottest day in at least 100,000 years. These trends have led to increasingly erratic, unpredictable, and sometimes dangerous weather conditions around the world which are impacting travel and outdoor plans and no longer going unnoticed; it’s hard to have a good time in 110-degree heat or a land falling hurricane. 

Today, Sensible Weather announces a strategic investment from Amex Ventures, the venture arm of American Express. Sensible is excited to have the backing of Amex Ventures as we seek to broaden access to our Weather Guarantees so that consumers can feel confident they’ll get reimbursed for the costs of their travel and outdoor experiences when Mother Nature has other plans in store.

Check out the announcement to learn more.


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