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PGA Championship Washout Turned into $15,000 in Payouts

This was the first sporting event where Sensible's Weather Guarantees were available to a select group of ticket holders.

By Blair Staunton

May 20, 2024

As fans got soaked amid one of the wildest Friday mornings in PGA Championship history, a group of ticket holders received a welcome surprise. The Weather Guarantee from Sensible Weather that they purchased with their tickets was triggered by morning rainfall, and they were issued a proactive reimbursement via text and email.

The 2024 PGA Championship at Valhalla Golf Course in Kentucky is the first sporting event where Sensible’s Weather Guarantees were available to a select group of ticket-holders to add to their purchase, and the conditions Friday confirmed just how beneficial they are.

“The [weather guarantee] was not expensive relative to my ticket price," said one ticket holder who received reimbursement for Friday’s rain. "I appreciated getting some financial compensation for my rained out event.”

With 5 hours of light rain during Friday's round, the fan experience was most certainly diminished, and the reimbursement from Sensible Weather helped turn what started as a “terrible fate to fans”, into a delightful payday, paying out more than $15,000to ticketholders.

Photo By Matthew Maxey
Photo curtesy of Matthew Maxey

Weather Guarantees are not new to the world of golf, with PGA of America announcing their partnership with Sensible Weather in January 2023, and several prominent golf facilities, including Founders Group International, Caledonia Golf & Fish Club, and True Blue Golf Club offering Weather Guarantees as add-ons to tee time reservations. Offering Weather Guarantee protection to fans attending professional golf tournaments is a natural extension of the product.

"Having the Weather Guarantee for an event as dependent on weather as the PGA Championship added so much peace of mind,” said ticketholder, Angie C. "It was great knowing I would get reimbursed if it rained."

How do Weather Guarantees for events work?

Customers can add a Weather Guarantee to their purchase at the time of booking. The details of the guarantee are displayed at checkout, including how much rain - and for how many hours - are needed to trigger a payout. If the threshold for reimbursement is met, customers are notified by text and email that their reimbursement is available. No claims are necessary, and all messages direct guests to contact Sensible Weather with questions. Here is a helpful video overview of the process.

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Other experiences we cover

In addition to golf, Weather Guarantees are available through Sensible Weather’s partners across most outdoor experiences, including camping, hotels and resorts, skiing, and amusement parks.

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