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Sensible Weather Partners with Preferred Hotels & Resorts

Sensible Weather is now a recommended partner in Preferred Hotels & Resorts’ Alliance Partner Program.

By Blair Staunton

November 30, 2023

Sensible Weather is now a recommended partner in Preferred Hotels & Resorts’ Alliance Partner Program. Preferred Hotels & Resorts, the world's largest independent hotel brand, will provide its members with access to Sensible’s innovative Weather Guarantee product, offering financial protection to guests in the event of inclement weather during their stay.

Sensible automatically reimburses hotel guests who purchase a Weather Guarantee if a pre-set threshold of forecasted weather is met during their stay. Before disruptive weather occurs, Sensible proactively notifies guests that reimbursement is available, and they can still take part in their planned travel or stay, spending their refund on additional F&B, spa services, etc.

The partnership is built on a shared commitment to delivering exceptional travel experiences, personalized service, and cutting-edge solutions for hotels and resorts.

Sensible Weather currently offers Weather Guarantees at over 3,500 hotels, resorts, golf courses, campsites, attractions, and ski resorts, delivering:

  • Fast, proactive payouts to guests
  • Increased guest satisfaction
  • Confidence and peace of mind when guests book early
  • Passive revenue for participating properties
  • Boost on-site (dining, spa, etc.) spend from guests who receive money back from Sensible due to poor weather

Hotels and resorts within the Preferred Hotel network can incorporate Sensible’s Weather Guarantee at no cost. Additionally, Preferred Hotel members will receive a 20% revenue share for every Weather Guarantee sold. Plus, integration is fast and easy through Sensible’s integration partners.

To learn more about how Sensible Weather's Weather Guarantee can benefit you and your guests, reach out to our sales team today!

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