Make Guests Happier and More Loyal

Imagine how satisfied and delighted guests feel when the Weather Guarantee option you offer reimburses them when bad weather disrupts their stay.

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Boost Revenue and Guest Satisfaction

  • Increase peace of mind for guests booking in advance

    Increase peace of mind for guests booking in advance

  • Drive on-site spend from guests' refund

    Drive on-site spend from guests' refund

  • Reduce bad reviews when the weather is to blame

    Reduce bad reviews when the weather is to blame

  • Grow customer satisfaction and loyalty

    Grow customer satisfaction and loyalty

One Up The Competition

You can’t control the elements, but by offering Weather Guarantees, you can outperform the competition by improving your guests’ experience when the weather cramps their style.

Weather Guarantees Are a Revenue Builder

“Activating Sensible’s Weather Guarantee in our Rev Raise booking flow was a quick and easy way to enhance our guest experience and open a new ancillary revenue stream for our hotels. It’s an easy lay-up for any hotel and can be flipped on in a single day.”

— George Allen, Area Director of Sales and Marketing, Noble House Hotels

Easy (& Free) to Integrate, Always Supported

  • Seamless Integration

    Weather Guarantees cost nothing to launch and are easy to integrate. From developer-friendly web-services, to low-code and no-code widgets – we work with you, or your technology partner, to find what's best for your business.

  • Continued Support

    Call, Chat, or Email Us - We handle all consumer support for our Weather Guarantee, making sure your team doesn’t have to worry about it and your customers are taken care of.

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Rain or Shine, a Satisfying Stay

Here’s how Weather Guarantees delight your guests: Long before room service has delivered breakfast, Sensible Weather has alerted them to any weather disruptions and initiated a refund. Even if some activities are now off limits, guests can relax, enjoy, and even splurge on pampering and treats, knowing their refunds are underway.

Summary explainer of Sensible Weather Guarantee

Set up this solution to satisfy and delight guests while decreasing reservation cancellations.

What Guests are Saying About Weather Guarantees.

Rain was forecasted for the weekend when I booked. This kind of appreciation gives me the peace of mind required to enjoy my stay

5 out of 5 stars
By Ali

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