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Sensible Weather Partners With Selfbook

Selfbook and Sensible Weather have partnered to make hotel bookings more secure and worry-free than ever for guests.


Clearwater Marine Aquarium launches Weather Guarantee with Sensible Weather

This new partnership marks the first aquarium to offer Weather Guarantees, adding to Sensible’s partners across other categories such as hotels, campgrounds and more.

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Should you build weather protection in-house? 3 factors to consider

Protecting your guests and your business from unpredictable weather is more popular than ever. Should you partner with an experienced provider or go at it alone?

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Sensible Weather Announces Collective Hill Country as First Partner to Offer High Temperature Weather Guarantee

Sensible now offers its heat Weather Guarantee to give travelers confidence to book in the hottest months of the year


Sensible Weather Guarantees Solar Eclipse Will Happen

For the next week, Sensible Weather will offer a Solar Eclipse guarantee for all events or vacations booked on Apr 8, 2024 that go through the path of totality.

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Summer 2024 will be hot—here’s what vacationers will want

Let’s get the scary news out of the way—2023 was Earth’s hottest year on record, and scientists say there’s a one in three chance 2024 will be hotter.  If you operate a business serving summer vacationers, this data is especially alarming. Will consumers still travel at peak temperatures?  Here’s the good news: yes. 


Glamping Hub joins Sensible to offer Weather Guarantees for travelers

Travelers and outdoor enthusiasts can now get reimbursed if rain impacts their glamping experience

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How Your Hotel Guests Benefit from Weather Guarantees

It’s a rainy summer day. Your hotel guests can’t use the pool or go to the beach, but they’re surprisingly happy. With their Weather Guarantee reimbursements, they’re enjoying your indoor amenities like the hotel spa and restaurant. 


Sensible expands Weather Guarantee to include High Heat

Weather Guarantees for heat give consumers confidence to book in the hottest months of 2024


The Groundhog Has Nothing on Sensible Weather's Climate Scientists

Sensible vs. Phil: Who will be the winner?

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Sensible’s 2023 Customer Survey Report

The results of our customer survey are in!