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How Tentrr Uses Sensible’s API to Create a Seamless Checkout Experience

Tentrr offers Weather Guarantees through their digital checkout, allowing campers to enhance their outdoor experiences with a single click.


Get Clean Air Assurance With a Weather Guarantee

Peak vacation season increasingly coincides with peak wildfire season—and the potential for poor air quality

Climate Science

A Brief History of Hurricanes Near Southern California

Tropical Storm Kay had the closest approach to San Diego since record-keeping began in 1949.

Team Sensible

Sensible Won a Skift IDEA Award!

Skift honored us for developing 2022's best idea for improving the traveler experience.

User Experience

Why Sensible is Localizing Early

We’re baking localization into our product as a way to support partnerships outside the US.


Add a Weather Guarantee Up to the Day Before a Booking

We’ve improved our blended forecast to offer more guests the assurance of good weather—even when they book at the last minute.


Demystifying Bundlers

How to make the right choice when it comes to module bundlers—and what’s worked well for Sensible.

Team Sensible

Alice's Reflection On Remote Work

Alice shares her personal insights on being part of (and leading) a fully-remote team.


Independent Lodging Congress’ INDIE Cultivate NYC

Sensible won the pitch competition for best growth-stage startup! We also gained new insights into the future of travel and hospitality.

Climate Science

Nick's Interview with The American Meteorological Society

Nick's interview with the American Meteorological Society's Clear Skies Ahead podcast.


Sensible's Climate Risk Platform

Why and how we built our core platform.


How Sensible Adds Observability, Telemetry, and Tracing to Our System

Loren Brindze breaks down Sensible's quest for greater observability in our system.