Sensible expands Weather Guarantee to include High Heat

Weather Guarantees for heat give consumers confidence to book in the hottest months of 2024

February 15, 2024

2023 was the hottest year on record. As consumers and travel and hospitality businesses brace for what is expected to be an even hotter 2024, Sensible has expanded our Weather Guarantee to include High Heat.

The Weather Guarantee initially focused on protecting consumers from the impact of rain on their outdoor activities and experiences, such as camping, golf, and hotel stays; however, weather conditions can impact outdoor experiences in various ways, and high heat has emerged as a significant factor affecting consumer comfort and enjoyment. In response to the record-breaking temperatures experienced during the 2023 summer season, Sensible has expanded the Weather Guarantee to include protection against uncomfortable temperatures in addition to rain.

“The initial success of the Weather Guarantee covering rain (we’ve sold over 60k of them), combined with increasing disruption from heat, led us to expand our product offering in a way that would provide additional value for partners and their consumers.,” says Nick Cavanagh, Ph.D., Sensible CEO. 

Consumers can add a Weather Guarantee for high heat at the time of their booking, increasing their confidence to book during times or in locations that may be susceptible to heat waves. If high heat – varied based on location– is forecasted for their chosen dates, Sensible will notify them in the morning and provide them with a proactive reimbursement. As with rain, there is no need for a customer to file a claim.

For travel and hospitality businesses, offering heat coverage further enhances their differentiating value, and gives customers peace of mind and tangible experience benefits, while providing booking conversion improvements and incremental revenue.

Businesses can easily add High Heat coverage as part of the Weather Guarantee widget, which is displayed as an add-on within the booking flow. For businesses that use a third party to manage their booking technology, Sensible is partnered with many of the top booking and ticketing platforms, including RevRaise and Spotlio, which enable businesses to add Weather Guarantees via a simple plug-in. Businesses who manage their booking flow in-house can seamlessly implement via API or SDK, or add the Weather Guarantee as a post-booking add-on.

As we look ahead to a sweltering summer of 2024, heat coverage may be the hottest way for businesses to stay cool.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to our team to schedule a call! If you're an existing Sensible partner and would like to expand your offering for High Heat, please reach out to your account manager.

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