Sensible Weather Partners With Selfbook

Selfbook and Sensible Weather have partnered to make hotel bookings more secure and worry-free than ever for guests.

April 24, 2024

Selfbook and Sensible Weather have partnered to make hotel bookings more secure and worry-free than ever for guests. Designed to make seamless bookings and payments instantly accessible on hotel websites, Selfbook offers a modern, unified reservation experience. Sensible Weather offers guests a Weather Guarantee that reimburses them up to 100% of their daily rate when the weather is not what they expected on their trip, enabling them to book with complete peace of mind.

Whether guests are planning a ski vacation or beach honeymoon, booking via Selfbook with the new Sensible Weather integration allows them to enjoy a seamless booking experience online, paired with financial reimbursement if there is not enough snow or if it rains at the beach. Creating a fully integrated and protected booking experience, the Selfbook x Sensible Weather partnership gives guests the freedom to book their stay well in advance and know they will get 50 to 100% of their money back if the weather doesn’t go according to plan.

With no claims process, Selfbook and Sensible Weather enable guests to move forward with their trip and receive quick reimbursements when the weather is not as planned – even if they still decide to brave the elements regardless. A simple process crafted to give guests true flexibility, this partnership ensures travelers’ peace of mind.

Using the power of fintech, both Selfbook and Sensible Weather offer guests a wealth of flexible and secure payment methods to ensure they can pay for their stay and get their money back for bad weather days without any additional hassle. While Selfbook accepts payment methods ranging from credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay to Buy Now, Pay Later with Affirm, Sensible Weather gives guests the option to receive instant transfers to their bank or via PayPal.

The benefits for hotels? Increase direct bookings with a unique Weather Guarantee that gives guests peace of mind and tangible experience benefits on property, while providing booking conversion improvements and incremental revenue. Sensible Weather also proactively notifies guests if they qualify for reimbursement and quickly processes payouts with no claims, meaning that hotels benefit from happier guests, rain or shine.

"Partnering with Sensible Weather represents a significant step in our mission to transform hospitality," says Gautier Colin, VP of Partnerships at Selfbook. "By combining our cutting-edge booking technology with Sensible Weather's proactive Weather Guarantee, we're empowering guests with unparalleled peace of mind, from the moment they book to the end of their stay."

“We're excited to team up with Selfbook to introduce a new level of innovation to the hospitality industry,” says Nick Cavanaugh, Ph.D Sensible CEO. “By combining our Weather Guarantee with Selfbook's seamless booking experience, we're bringing more peace of mind to bookings across hotels worldwide.”

Both backed by Amex Ventures, Selfbook and Sensible Weather make the perfect pair in offering guests a travel experience that is completely worry- and hassle-free, from payment to check-out. To learn more about Selfbook’s Sensible Weather integration, book a demo today.

About Selfbook

Uniquely positioned at the intersection of fintech and hospitality, Selfbook transforms hotel bookings and payments from the inside out. Working in tandem with hotels’ existing technology systems, Selfbook enhances what matters most to hotels, including direct conversion, revenue, cash flow control, and security. Built by a team of hospitality veterans, Selfbook’s products provide a refreshingly effortless user experience for guests and hoteliers alike. Selfbook is committed to empowering hotels worldwide with modern e-commerce solutions tailor-made for our industry.

About Sensible Weather

Sensible Weather is the leading weather protection provider for the travel and hospitality industries, with a unique Weather Guarantee product that proactively reimburses hotel guests, golfers, skiiers, and those visiting outdoor attractions and campsites when weather negatively impacts their experience. The Weather Guarantee helps travel and hospitality partners provide a differentiated value to guests that increases peace of mind and offers tangible experience benefits, while increasing revenue and booking conversion. Founded in 2019, Sensible is backed by some of the biggest names in hospitality, climate, and technology, including the National Science Foundation, Infinity Ventures, Amex Ventures, and the PGA of America.

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