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Satisfy customers—rain or shine.

Even the most spontaneous traveler can get frustrated when Mother Nature has other ideas for their day. So, let us cover you, and them—to ensure the best experience no matter what's in store.

That means, they've won, and you've saved their day.

The Value of Partnering with Sensible

  • Passive Revenue

    Earn revenue share on each Weather Guarantee

  • 5-Star Reviews

    Improve current and new customer satisfaction

  • $0 Upfront

    It is free to start partnering with Sensible

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Our solutions are tailored to suit your needs. From developer-friendly web-services, to low-code and no-code widgets—we work with you to find what's best.

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We dynamically protect against (almost) all of Mother Nature's conditions—it all depends on your customer's needs. High winds, extreme temps, snow (or lack there of), and even poor air quality.

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Sensible handles all front-line customer care and our parametric platform proactively issues same-day reimbursements directly to your customers—no claims, no hassle.

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We help to give you, and your customers, an additional layer of comfort. Allowing their experience to no longer be hinged on the "perfect" day—while offering continued support for our partners.

How it Works

Once partnered with Sensible Weather, it's smooth sailing. Customers can easily add a Weather Guarantee to any trip.

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    Sensible tracks the forecast for the specific location & dates.


    Sensible will notify guests when their experience is impacted by weather.


    Reimbursements are confirmed instantly, directly from Sensible—no claims, no hassle.

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What Partners are Saying about Sensible Weather

Sensible partners with ticketed attractions, hotels and hospitality management companies, outdoor recreation marketplaces, online travel agencies, golf and ski facilities, as well as professional sports leagues and live events venues.

If you sell an experience that brings customers the outdoors, chances are we can design the right Weather Guarantee protection for your business.

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AutoCamp was built to redefine the outdoor hospitality guest experience and Sensible’s differentiated product solves a critical issue for our guests while attaching extra margin per room night

By Vinny Cuneo, VP of Sales and Revenue Strategy

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