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How Weather Guarantees delight theme parks & attractions guests

Picture this - a family waits in line at a popular waterpark on a sunny day. They are excited to play in the water and have fun. But then, dark clouds roll in, and rain starts pouring down.

By Blair Staunton

June 6, 2024

For most guests, this storm would ruin their day and waste all the money they paid for their tickets. But this family doesn't need to worry because they bought a Weather Guarantee.

With this booking add-on, guests automatically receive a refund if bad weather disrupts their visit. This guarantee gives guests peace of mind and flexibility when planning trips, so they can enjoy their park visits stress-free.

Read on to hear from guests about how Weather Guarantees improved their park experiences. 

Confidence to plan and book in advance

Guests might be hesitant to buy park and attraction tickets in advance if they’re worried the weather could ruin their visit. Tickets are generally expensive, and guests don’t want to see all of that money go to waste. 

With Weather Guarantees, guests can reserve tickets to parks ahead of time without worrying about rain or heat. One guest described buying this protection as, “the smart thing to do when you spend a lot of money on something that is dependent on the weather."

Guarantees have clear rules about the weather conditions that trigger protection and an automated reimbursement process, so guests trust they won’t lose the money they spent if conditions are poor.   

Consumers are also happy to pay for Sensible’s Guarantees because they find the rates reasonable. One guest with a Sensible Guarantee said, "It wasn’t too much of an additional expense to cover the ticket cost.” 

The numbers show how much guests value Guarantees. 

“The ability to offer our guests a rain guarantee further encourages people to buy in advance,” said Mark Moore, GM of Gulf Islands Waterpark. “We’re offering the customer an avenue of protection from something no one can control.”

No-hassle reimbursements when weather impacts plans

When bad weather does strike on the day of a ticketed event, the last thing guests want is a hassle trying to get their money back. That's why Sensible makes the Guarantee reimbursement process simple.

Instead of filing claims or waiting weeks, guests are notified first thing in the morning if the forecast qualifies them for an automatic refund that day. This early notice allows guests to change their plans early in the day if they’d like or attend the park at no cost (more on that in the next section). 

Since implementing Weather Guarantees, Gulf Islands has noticed fewer reimbursement requests and complaints about weather. Across all parks using Sensible, guests gave Guarantees an average satisfaction rating of 4.3/5

Flexibility to enjoy the attraction

Even after receiving a Guarantee reimbursement, guests can still use their pre-purchased tickets to enjoy the park’s attractions at no cost. 

Our 2023 Customer Survey report shows many guests take advantage of this flexibility. Of the guests who received Sensible reimbursements, 82% reported they still did their planned activities. 

Attractions guests also report that they’re happy with their Guarantees regardless of the weather. Fifty-five percent of guests said they were happier with their attraction provider because of the Guarantee, and 91% reported they would buy a Guarantee again.

“It didn’t rain, but it was nice to know we could get money back if it did,” one guest said. 

Extra money to spend on concessions with the reimbursement

When guests receive an automatic reimbursement due to bad weather but still choose to visit the attraction, they have extra money for concessions and indoor attractions—like dining, souvenirs, arcades, and shows. They can make the most of their day even though the outdoor parts are rained out. 

Parks benefit too since they earn revenue from this additional spending with reimbursements. These companies also keep the original ticket revenue since Sensible fully covers guests’ Guarantee reimbursement.  

Partnering with Sensible Weather is easy and free

While the perks for guests are obvious, offering Weather Guarantees is also a savvy business move for parks with Sensible. Our Guarantees: 

  • Cost nothing for the merchant. Sensible fully covers all reimbursement payments.
  • Drive revenue. Merchants receive a percentage of each Guarantee sale. 
  • Are simple to set up. Sensible offers low-code and no-code widgets, so users can easily incorporate Guarantees into their booking flows. 

With Sensible shouldering 100% of the expense and risk, Weather Guarantees are a simple way for attractions to keep guests happy rain or shine.  

Curious how you can start offering guests Guarantees? Get in touch today.