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Introducing the Guarantee Widget

Our newly released Guarantee Widget makes it even easier for partners to offer Weather Guarantees

By Kathryn Quinn

April 3, 2023

We know partners want to offer Weather Guarantees to their customers, but sometimes the reality of not enough hours in the day gets in the way. That’s why we released our new Guarantee Widget, which provides experience platforms with the fastest and easiest way to offer Weather Guarantees directly in their checkout flow. Your development team will be happy to use this well documented, developer-friendly integration method to get up and running in no time.

The Guarantee Widget consists of a clean, conversion-optimized component that can be embedded within an existing booking flow or other customer experience. While the Guarantee Widget can be used in multiple ways, Sensible Weather handles the hard work.

“Sensible Weather provides consumers peace of mind that if their travel experience or trip is negatively impacted by weather, they are protected,” says Mark Bruno, VP Product at Sensible. “We’re excited to launch the Guarantee Widget to help platforms get Weather Guarantees in the hands of more consumers, faster. No one should have to pay for rain on their vacation.”

The Guarantee Widget handles the dynamic display of the offer, providing the additional coverage details in a modal, and simple call backs to manage the shopping cart when guests add it to their booking. Sensible has fully designed the display, from front-end design to display copy, in a way that’s non-intrusive and attractive. This easy-to-use, out-of-the box solution provides platforms with a way to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and higher attach rates with less work and fewer developers.

The Guarantee Widget sits on top of Sensible’s Javascript SDK, which was launched and developed earlier this year to simplify your web app’s interaction with the Guarantee API. For platforms looking for custom implementations to offer Weather Guarantees, Sensible’s Guarantee API and SDK can be a great choice. Full developer documentation is available for all Sensible Weather implementations.

The Weather Guarantee is a unique way to improve the traveler experience, while also helping travel businesses increase conversion on advance bookings, decrease cancellations in weather-sensitive destinations, and generate ancillary revenue.

The Guarantee Widget is available to all Sensible Weather partners and interested platforms. To learn more, contact our Partnerships Team today.

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