Make Customers Happy, Rain or Shine

We all know the feeling. You’re at a tropical resort you’ve dreamed of for months, towel in hand, when the clouds start to roll in. Your swimming has just turned into...shivering.

At Sensible, we don’t believe cloudy days should ever ruin a good time.

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Offering a Weather
Guarantee is easy


Offer a weather guarantee in a single click

Sensible’s API makes it easy to embed a weather guarantee anywhere your customers are booking.


Experience a new way to engage with customers

We'll ensure your customers stay updated on changes to the weather and how they might be impacted.


Sensible takes care of everything else!

Our platform automates all details of customer support and logistics: from managing weather forecasts & alerts, to automated payments and thanking them for doing business with your brand.

See how it works for consumers

For consumers
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What is a Sensible Weather Guarantee?
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How much does a Weather Guarantee cost?
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How do I offer a Weather Guarantee?
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What does a Weather Guarantee cover?
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What doesn’t a Weather Guarantee cover?
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How does Sensible know the weather for my customers location?
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Do customers need to submit a claim?
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How much do you pay my customers?
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Who pays when a guarantee is eligible?
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How do my customers get paid for a guarantee?
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How long does it take to pay a guarantee?
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Who is Sensible Weather Co?
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