Boost Advanced Bookings and Conversions

When your guests opt for a Weather Guarantee to cover their visit, everyone benefits. Guests are delighted to receive a refund if the forecast is bad. They pocket their money and keep their plans if they choose. Meanwhile, your business converts, books, and keeps more revenue.

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Boost Revenue and Guest Satisfaction

  • Increase peace of mind and advanced bookings

    Increase peace of mind and advanced bookings

  • Limit losses due to disruptive weather

    Limit losses due to disruptive weather

  • Drive on-site spend from guests’ refund

    Drive on-site spend from guests’ refund

  • Reduce rain checks and keep more revenue

    Reduce rain checks and keep more revenue

Nail Your Place as a Favorite Destination

Weather Guarantees help you outmatch the competition with a refund option for bad weather that turns visitor frowns into smiles.

Rain or Shine, You and Your Guests Win

Weather Guarantees mean you and your guests are no longer at the mercy of the weather, since guests enjoy good weather and get paid when it's bad.

Easy (& Free) to Integrate, Always Supported

  • Seamless Integration

    Weather Guarantees cost nothing to launch and are easy to integrate. From developer-friendly web-services, to low-code and no-code widgets – we work with you, or your technology partner, to find what's best for your business.

  • Continued Support

    Call, Chat, or Email Us - We handle all consumer support for our Weather Guarantee, making sure your team doesn’t have to worry about it and your customers are taken care of.

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Weather Guarantees Save the Day

Before the day gets underway, Sensible alerts guests with Weather Guarantees if the forecast is bad and initiates a refund. Confident that they’re being reimbursed, your guests can now ditch their plans, or opt to take on any inclement weather and make the most of their scheduled outing.

Summary explainer of Sensible Weather Guarantee

Set up this solution to delight park visitors, increase in-park spend, and earn more revenue.

What Partners are Saying About Weather Guarantees.

The ability to offer our guests a rain guarantee further encourages people to buy in advance on our Cloud Store, locking in revenue for us, and offering the customer an avenue of protection from something no one can control. It’s even better that it requires no work on our end or the customer’s, and that neither party has to worry about the pains of a typical insurance claim.

5 out of 5 stars
By Mark Moore, General Manager

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