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Sensible’s 2023 Customer Survey Report

The results of our customer survey are in!

January 29, 2024

How do consumers feel about Weather Guarantees?

As we wrapped up 2023, having sold over 65,000+ Weather Guarantees through businesses in the hospitality, camping, golf, ski and ticketed attractions verticals, we wanted to gain insights into how our customers felt about their Weather Guarantee experience.

We surveyed 250+ customers who purchased a Weather Guarantee last year. The purpose of the survey was to understand their motivations for buying, evaluate their satisfaction with their trip or experience providers, as well as the reimbursement process, and gather insights into their travel preferences for the new year. 

As responses rolled in, we were thrilled to see that the Weather Guarantee had a direct impact on customer confidence to book, satisfaction with their trip or experience provider, and peace of mind. And of the respondents who received reimbursements, a large majority continued with their planned activity or trip. 

With expansions into new verticals and weather perils in 2024, we are thrilled to see that the Weather Guarantee is adding significant value to the customer experience, which is reflected by 9 out of 10 respondents saying they would book another Weather Guarantee in the future. 

Here is a high level summary of the results:

The Results Are In

What did we find? Of 250+ respondents…

  • 76% felt more confident booking their trip or experience

  • 55% were more satisfied with their experience provider because of the weather Guarantee

  • 91% would purchase another Weather Guarantee in the future

  • 89% felt the Weather Guarantee was worth the price they paid

  • 82% continued with their planned activity even after receiving a proactive reimbursement from Sensible Weather

View the results here!

And as for what’s in store in 2024, consumers know what they are looking for in their next leisure trip. When considering booking a trip, consumers care most about: Outdoor adventures, weather, and value. 

As you make plans for the year, we’d love to share more about how Weather Guarantees provide a differentiated and valued consumer experience your guests will love while providing an extra revenue stream for you. Contact us to learn more

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