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Partnership Announcement

Glamping Hub joins Sensible to offer Weather Guarantees for travelers

Travelers and outdoor enthusiasts can now get reimbursed if rain impacts their glamping experience

By Blair Staunton

March 18, 2024

Exciting news! Sensible Weather has partnered with Glamping Hub, the world's leading platform for unique accommodations in nature, to offer travelers and outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to add Weather Guarantees to their glamping adventures.

Available now on select Glamping Hub listings, the partnership ensures that the glamping experience remains enjoyable to travelers, no matter the weather.

With more and more travelers turning to glamping (glamorous camping) as a comfortable way to enjoy the outdoors, and weather remaining a top concern when selecting a travel destination, this partnership means that Glamping Hub travelers can book with confidence, knowing that Sensible will proactively reimburse them if the weather negatively impacts their experience.

"This partnership underscores our commitment to empowering people to confidently get out and enjoy the world around them," says Nick Cavanaugh, Sensible's CEO. "We're guaranteeing they can fully embrace their glamping adventures, rain or shine."

With Sensible Weather's advanced forecasting and proactive reimbursement technology and Glamping Hub's dedication to exceptional accommodations, travelers can trust that their glamping experience will exceed expectations. Weather Guarantees within the outdoor hospitality and camping industry have grown increasingly popular as a way for brands to offer a unique value that allows travelers to embrace the great outdoors with confidence.

So how does it work? When booking a glamping accommodation through Glamping Hub, travelers can add a Weather Guarantee from Sensible Weather. This guarantee ensures proactive reimbursement if rain is forecasted during their stay, empowering travelers to plan rainy-day activities or save funds without having to cancel their trip.

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