Good Ski Weather or We Reimburse Your Guests

You can’t always ensure perfect ski conditions, but with our Weather Guarantee option, we refund your visitors when the weather won’t cooperate, so you enjoy fewer cancellations and more satisfied guests.

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Up with Conversions, Down with Cancellations and Lost Revenue

  • Grow advanced bookings and reduce cancellations

    Grow advanced bookings and reduce cancellations

  • Ensure more guest check-ins and booked revenue

    Ensure more guest check-ins and booked revenue

  • Drive on-site spend from guests' refunds

    Drive on-site spend from guests' refunds

  • Boost positive reviews—rain or shine

    Boost positive reviews—rain or shine

Win More Guests and Keep Them Coming Back

Make it easy for new and seasoned skiers alike to choose your resort. Skiers feel more at ease hitting the slopes with a Weather Guarantee, which reassures guests with the promise of a refund, enhancing your brand and making it a favorite.

Weather Guarantees Pay

In addition to increasing conversions, check-ins, guest satisfaction, and onsite spend, Sensible pays you a rev-share on every Guarantee sold.

We are thrilled to be Europe's first ski resort to introduce the Weather Guarantee. Our partnership with Spotlio and Sensible Weather allows us to enhance our guests' experience, enabling them to focus on the joy of skiing while knowing it is protected against unpredictable weather conditions.

— Yves Dimier, Director at Val Cenis

Easy (& Free) to Integrate, Always Supported

  • Seamless Integration

    Weather Guarantees cost nothing to launch and are easy to integrate. From developer-friendly web-services, to low-code and no-code widgets – we work with you, or your technology partner, to find what's best for your business.

  • Continued Support

    Call, Chat, or Email Us - We handle all consumer support for our Weather Guarantee, making sure your team doesn’t have to worry about it and your customers are taken care of.

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Fun in the Snow, Refunds When its Not

Here’s how Weather Guarantees stop cancellations: When the forecast is bad, we automatically reimburse skiers via our no-claims process.

The weather guarantee was very reasonably priced and although I did not need to use it, it gave me peace of mind about my trip to the slopes.

— Timothy

Summary explainer of Sensible Weather Guarantee

Set up this solution to increase skier and rider satisfaction, prevent cancellations, and keep guests coming back every season.

What Skiers are Saying About Weather Guarantees.

For a very affordable price, I gained the peace of mind of knowing that if it rained, I wouldn't lose my lift tickets as non-refundable.

5 out of 5 stars
By Matt

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